AsianLock Combine

Asianlock Combine Features

You can lock and unlock Vehicle Engine from anywhere in the world, even if your are out of internet connection. Vehicle cannot be started with original key, shoulder broken bypass or even disconnected the battery line or device. Even if you remove Asianlock Combine GPS from your vehicle, still cannot be started.

When you come near the vehicle It will sense the real owner and unlock itself. This is a magical option for Asianlock Combine.

When you sit into your motorbike, automatically the ignition will turn on by itself and you can ride the vehicle. when you left the vehicle behind it will automatically turn off all the switch and lock the vehicle. 

You can turn the the vehicle hazard lights from remote control while stationary even while running.  

While in prayer room or meeting, you can silent the remote. If somebody touch or shake your vehicle you get vibration on remote and also get call on your mobile. 

You can operate Asianlock Combine locking system online and also offline.

The Vehicle Engine and Body will be lock after park the vehicle.

After turn off Key, the Motorbike/car engine will lock automatically. If someone touch your bike, then 125db siren will alarm and you get Remote vibration in 1 seconds and automatic call into your mobile phone in 10 seconds. Bike/car cannot be started anyway.

If someone cut the battery line or disconnect Asianlock Combine from your Vehicle, still cannot be started and you get notifications instantly

You can see & Control all your vehicles in one APP. It’s all in one solution. You can access & Control the Platform from Android, IOS and Windows or MAC. Its called Fleet management System.

You can lock your bike/car anywhere in underground. Even you can lock your bike/car where there is no mobile network.

For safety reason, Bike/car will lock instantly after Turn of the key, and activate the alarm. Also when you lock from remote or mobile the vehicle will lock instantly. 

You can get all record of your bike/car movement for 30 days. Our Asianlock Combine app will save all your vehicle movement data, Mileage records, parking time, fuel records etc for 1 month.

For that You Must register.

Until you unlock from remote, the motorbike/car cannot be started. You must hear a unlock sound when try to start the vehicle.

You can select 5 admin. If the main admin number switched off or busy then rest of 4 admin will get notify or call. Also 5 admin can fully control the vehicle. 

You can start your vehicle without key, Anytime and every time. This is called Keyless Entry.

You can increase your vehicle security by secret password.

You can lock and unlock the vehicle engine from any mobile and without application and internet if desire. Interestingly you can lock the vehicle from anywhere with any local button phone.

Asianlock Combine is small size almost 4 inch. So you can hide anywhere in the vehicle. 

If anyone starts your vehicle without any reason, you will get notification from home, office and any place around the earth.

There is no chance to steal your vehicle, in case your known person steal your vehicle with remote so you can lock the vehicle from any authorized number. In that case the vehicle will shut down when speed is low. This can prevent accident.

We also have virtual reality panorama option. You can see satellite street view of road where your vehicle parked or running.

Asianlock Combine has got built in turn signal indicator buzzer. Which can be turn off by remote. When someone ride your vehicle then you can LIVE track in real time and check the speed of your vehicle.

If you knows person goes away from selected area then you get alarm. This is called GEO-Fence.

You can mute your vehicle alarm as well as remote control. so that if someone shake your vehicle, you only get call and remote vibration but no sound into your vehicle.

Asianlock Combine has over speed alarm. if someone ride the vehicle at over speed you get instant alarm. And tell the driver to slow down. 

Asianlock Combine never affect the vehicle battery. Because, Asianlock Combine has got automatic sleep mode after 3 minutes.

Asianlock Combine has got built in lithium battery inside, so this can back up for long time. also this is portable. So you can use into other vehicles too. And the vehicle also can be lock and unlock without GPS tracker. Funny ? eh ?  But it’s True. Come and check 🙂

Asianlock Combine has no Monthly or yearly fees. 

Beside GPS map, you can locate your motorbike in heavy crowded by remote finder button.

You can lock the vehicle engine even without mobile phone or apps, but with the remote sensor.

There is a Powerhouse sensor comes with Asianlock Combine. So, no need to worry about your vehicle battery. It will automatically charge when you drive your vehicle. 

1 Year Warranty and service. 

AsianLock Combine